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Karam - True Style

Karam Sihra, self-employed freelancer. After leaving his placement as Lead Graphic Designer for online fashion retailer Choice Store, and traveling half way round the world only to return within the month because he missed his computer far too much, Karam started True Style. With the aim to provide affordable, professional services for all companies, no matter how small or big, Karam has established a great client base working along side many happy companies. With many years of experience in the geek world, you can rest easy at night knowing you are in safe hands when using his services.

Karam has experience in a wide range of services, from Web Development all the way to Email Newsletters. And when dealing with clients, their satisfaction is the number one priority. He will work 110% to make sure you are happy with your service, from beginning to end. If you would like to see some work from True Style, please visit the Portfolio section and take a look.

If you would like to contact Karam, he is always happy to take calls to answer any questions you may have.

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